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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow


Dread Hollow 2018

The Belle Royale Hotel

The Cerberus Investigation Team, led by Stan Hale, have started a year long investigation of the Legendary Belle Royale Hotel located within the ominous town of Dread Hollow. The investigation has uncovered the dark and sinister history of the hotel. Hale, the Cerberus Paranormal Investigation Team (CPIT) historian, has revealed that the Belle Royale is one of the most haunted locations in the Southeast. 

The hotel was built in the early 1900s atop an old cemetery that was once owned by Mercy Harker. Investigations have unearthed numerous active spirits, including manifestations as well as evidence of haneous activity that has taken place within the halls of the Belle Royale. Some disturbing EVP sessions have uncovered the wailings of the Bride within the ballroom. Ghost box readings confirmed that 1920s mob hit man Max Mobry, aka "The Tooth Fairy", was massacred within the Belle Royale Hotel. The CPIT team has video confirmation of erratic activity appearing in the Belle Royale elevators with appearances of the Bell Hop who was killed, along with all the passengers, in a fatal elevator crash. The team's initial walk through of the hotel led by the current caretaker ended abruptly upon arriving at the Maintenance Shop. His refusal to even enter the area caused hesitation among the team. Upon entering, CPIT witnessed a room of torture and were immediately confronted by the reincarnated apparition known as "The Custodian". 

In short, CPIT uncovered a deep and dark history of death, tragedy, and horrors surrounding the Belle Royale Hotel. They are certain there are numerous other spirits lurking within the walls of this cursed establishment. 

Murder Row

The Harvester, AKA Pumpkin King, Green Man, and many other names has always ensured a bountiful crop for the farmers of Murder Row throughout its history. The evil began in the 1900s when Ezra Harley, a poor sharecropper who could barely keep his family fed, conspired with Mercy Harker out of desperation. His personal diary, recovered from the Rosemore Sanitarium, revealed the depraved truth that occurred on that dark night at the Harley Farm. Ezra's crops flourished for months until that tragic night when his entire family paid the price for his bountiful harvest. 

Cirque De Fatale

In 1956 the Brine Brothers Circus rolled into Dread Hollow and set up tents on the fairgrounds. Immediately, the self-righteous members of the Harker Society protested the presence of these side-show freaks. Victor and Sebastian Brine were too stubborn to be deterred and renounced the threats, vowing "The Show Must Go On!" The Circus befell the wrath of the Harbingers (a secret vigilante strong arm of Dread Hollow). After the Harbingers burned and massacred many of the performers, exiled the remaining freaks, and left Sebastian Brine in a comatose state, Cirque De Fatale embraced the darkness of Dread Hollow and took over the fairgrounds. Even Gideon Kane refuses to breach the boundaries of this tainted soil. During the month of October, the chant "One of Us" echoes throughout the town of Dread Hollow, beckoning those who hear it to join the cursed souls of the Cirque De Fatale.