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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

The Dark Legacy (2014)

We have set up two investigative basecamps on the site of what was known to be a small mining town called Carrion Ridge. After extensive research and interviewing numerous locals, we learned Carrion Ridge was the last known settlement visited by the infamous Elder Shaw's "Miraculous Medicine Show". Our findings show that in 1822 the citizens of Carrion Ridge became hostile and some sort of 'outbreak' or plague turned the townspeople into mindless fiends.

Though the history is vague, our psychic has communicated with apparitions that show a bloody tortured town that turned upon itself. Our team has found documentation that proves this to be one of the largest unexplainable massacres in American history. The deeper our team digs into the history of Carrion Ridge and Elder Shaw, the more evidence we find of dark times falling upon every town that was left in the wake of Elder Shaw's "Miraculous Medicine Show." 

Our psychic's visions have led our team to researching the history of Elder Shaw only to find notes of his show appearing in various towns peddling "Legacy Tonic - a cure-all for the ages." There are brief medical documents that report the elixir's addictive properties would intoxicate customers and have them begging for more. Negatively, the elixir's substantial side effects include the amplification of savage, murderous behavior. There are trace reports claiming complete physical transformations in those who consumed the elixir - mutations of hideous proportions. 

Our psychic claims she has seen some of these beings lurking in her visions; inhuman shadows that stalk her when she visits the sites. 

We continue to piece together information about Elder Shaw. Local history tells of an alchemist named the "Oracle" and a sinister beastly man named Long Tom who was Elder's bodyguard. We do know that all three met their end during the bloodbath of Carrion Ridge. Our psychic also has numerous visions of a group known as the "Harbingers" that undoubtedly ended the traveling medicine show at Carrion Ridge. 

We found a culmination of paranormal activity manifesting every 64 years from the original 1822 massacre. The number 64 seems to be a constant of some kind, because our psychic has visions of 64 which also equals the number of people massacred in 1822. In 1886 there are numerous witness statements that speak of three people that resembled Elder Shaw, the Oracle, and Long Tom wandering the area - as well as numerous sightings of malefic apparitions and even physical harm done to people who were visiting the area. Again in 1950 there are documents of "fiendish activities" and the appearance of what used to be Carrion Ridge illuminating where it once stood. As the 64th anniversary now passes again our team is prepared to meet the pinnacle of paranormal activity and face the return of Carrion Ridge, Elder Shaw's "Miraculous Medicine Show" and the Harbingers. 

We hope to uncover the truth of the demise of Carrion Ridge and the Dark Legacy of Elder Shaw.  

Edgar Talbott,
Lead Paranormal Investigator

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