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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow


Scream Break



Saturdays, March 23 & 30
8pm - 10pm 

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Scream Break 2019 – FREAKS ALIVE
In the early 1800s, Angus Grimbaldi, also known as Grimby the Garrulous, was a clown in a traveling circus. Over the years, Angus began to embody his carny character and had his makeup permanently tattooed to his face. As the circus journeyed from town to town, victims began to appear at every stop visited on the carny's circuit. Some were beheaded, some strangled and hanged, some tarred and feathered, but all were left with an everlasting maniacal grin - their lips nailed, pinned, or stitched from ear to ear. 
After months of investigation, the murders were linked to Grimby. He was captured, found guilty, and sentenced to death. As the executioner raised his axe, Grimby's final words rang out, “We are not the Freaks, YOU ARE. You all long to be One of Us!” When the axe fell, it is rumored that his decapitated head continued to laugh for 5 minutes after it had been severed. After his death, legend has it that any Freak or miscreant can raise the spirit of Grimby with the chanting of “One of Us” and the drawing of blood. 
Across the fairgrounds of the Brine Bros. Circus in the cursed town of Dread Hollow, the chant “One of Us” can be heard as the resident Freaks beckon his arrival.

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