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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

Camp Dread 2023

Enter the realm where dark deeds in the shadows and gruesome horrors behind closed doors feed an unquenchable yearning for blood in the tainted town of Dread Hollow.


The Cerberus Society

Enter the cryptic sanctum of a secret society to view the corpse of their recently deceased leader. Pay your respects while depraved Cerberus Society mourners coerce the innocent for new blood and dying devotion.

Camp Dread

Explore the peaceful asylum of Camp Dread, deep in the secluded forest of Dread Hollow, where creatures of the dark and sinister predators lurk in the shadows on the hunt for prey.

Campers Beware!

Grimsby's Slaughterhouse

Tour Grimsby’s Slaughterhouse, famous for their fresh kills and exotic meats. Get a first-hand view of their ghastly recipes and farm to table methods to see why they owe their success to the townsfolk and visitors of Dread Hollow.