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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

The Legend

Dread Hollow was established in the early 1600s. A small farming community that would forever have its reputation tainted by one of its first settlers, Mercy Harker. In a sinister plan to bring untold evil to Dread Hollow, Mercy convinced the founding fathers the town was being led into the depths of depravity and darkness by thirteen young women she claimed were a coven of witches. The witch trials lasted only three days before fear forced the founders to pass the guilty verdict. The constable, Jedidiah Kane, was tasked with the executions. All thirteen women were hanged, and their bodies burned. As smoke from the smoldering corpses filled the air, a cackling sound began to echo through Main Street. Mercy Harker had watched her wicked scheme unfold from the clock tower. Through the howls of her maniacal laughter, she screeched, “This town is now mine!” Lightning streaked from the sky, striking the tower and sending it tumbling to the street, supposedly killing Mercy. As the blood of the thirteen innocents spilled upon the soil, a curse struck Dread Hollow, summoning darkness and evil that would forever terrorize the town. Throughout the years, more people have gone missing in Dread Hollow than in any other small town in America.

The darkness that shadows Dread Hollow is said to have spawned from Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. The evil that resided in the Haunted Cavern terrified visitors for decades before seeping down the mountain and settling on the town of Dread Hollow. 



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  • 2017 - 2021 STS Top 20 Event - Dread Hollow
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Dread Hollow is created by the masterminds behind the award-winning Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. 

Before the evil settled on Dread Hollow, a record-breaking number of victims flocked to Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, located deep in the cave on Lookout Mountain. Haunted Cavern was voted as a Top Haunt by the Haunted Attraction Association and was designated a Top 20 Event by Southeast Tourism Society year after year. Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern was also listed in the sixth spot on the national haunt list by Rand McNally and as number four on Buzzfeed's national list of "19 Terrifying Haunted Houses You Should Experience Before You Die." 

A top haunt in Tennessee year after year, Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern won many awards throughout its storied history. 


2016 Voted a Top Haunt by the Haunted Attraction Association

  • 12/16 RF Haunted Cavern named on America's top haunt list by HAA
  • 2016 Haunted Cavern #1 on
  • 2010-2016 STS Top 20 for Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern
  • 10/14 Haunted Cavern #4 on Buzzfeed's national Most Terrifying Haunted House list
  • 2014 Haunted Attraction Association Board of Directors Award for Haunted Cavern
  • 2011 Haunted Cavern listed on top 10 haunt list by Yahoo! News
  • October 2010 #6 on Rand McNally's haunted house (national) list