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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow


The cursed arise to destroy the guilty and the innocent as Dread Hollow’s sinister past returns with an inescapable vengeance.


In a bizarre twist of events, Ravens Gate Prison opens its doors for public tours. The infamous facility is rumored to use inmates as research subjects for heinous and foul experiments. Claims are surfacing of blood-curdling screams and inhuman sounds echoing in the penitentiary’s corridors. The disappearance of visitors, last seen entering the prison, is under investigation. 


A web of darkness descends on Dread Hollow as war erupts between legendary witch Mercy Harker and powerful necromancer, Queen Olivia. Conjuring the dead for battle in a sinister clash for sovereignty, dark forces exact vengeance on anyone who dares to trespass on the battle grounds of the rival covens. 


The heavy fog encompassing Harbinger Bay shrouds the murky history of depraved river pirate, Captain Cutler. Legends linger of vile deeds executed by Cutler and his black-hearted mob and horrifying creatures summoned from the deep to carry out his bidding. River beasts and unearthly minions lurk in the mist awaiting those who dare to venture beyond the barriers surrounding the bay.


Under the control of Mayor Al, corrupt Ravens Gate Prison Warden, Clayton Cole, accepted a bribe from the Cerberus Board of Directors, allowing illegal and depraved experiments on maximum security prisoners.  As rumors leaked of the nefarious acts performed by Cerberus doctor, Sylus Shaw, reporters began poking around, demanding answers.

To refute the allegations, Cole has opened the prison to the media and public with a plan to conceal the areas where experiments are being perpetrated.

Ravens Gate incarcerates violent criminals, including Ezra Harley, Eugene Todd, and former Dread Hollow mayoral candidate, Asa Rikkets. Convicted serial killer, Todd, devised a plan to turn the open house into an opportunity to incite a riot, creating a diversion for his escape. 

An investigation is underway in the disappearance of several visitors last seen entering the facility. Visitors are warned to enter at their own risk.


EUGENE TODD: The most prolific serial killer in Tennessee’s history, Eugene Todd confessed to 62 murders; however, the exact number is unknown. His reign of terror lasted from 1988 to 2010, until he was finally captured. The root of Todd’s evil is said to be intertwined with his birth. His mother was shamed by her parents and kept locked in their cellar during her pregnancy. She died giving birth to Eugene. It’s rumored that being born in the bowels of Dread Hollow and swaddled in its tainted soil burned a curse into his soul, giving Eugene the power to survive his execution. Unable to bring the sentence of death to the hideous murderer, Todd has been locked away in solitary confinement for years at Ravens Gate plotting his escape.

GARLAND FETCH "THE MOLE":  A slight and diminutive man, Fetch was a grave digger by profession and used these skills to become an infamous bank robber. Selecting his targets based on their proximity to a cemetery, Fetch used fresh graves as cover to tunnel into the banks. The passageways were also a convenient way to dispose of anyone who got in his way during the robbery. 

HAROLD TABOS "THE ELECTRICIAN":  A licensed electrician with a twisted sense of justice, Tabos would stalk his prey when offended, learning their patterns in order to set a trap. In an attempt to “fix them”, Tabos would rig an outlet to send amps of electrical energy through their brains. Not all of his victims died. In fact, his last target managed to turn the tide on Harold by breaking loose the water pipes while escaping. Harold was found in a puddle of flowing water holding wires in each hand. He survived but now has an addiction to the feeling of current arcing through his body. He has been caught several times playing with the executioner’s electric chair, which he affectionately refers to as “Old Sparky”.

THE BIRDMAN OF DREAD HOLLOW: Nothing is known about this man. He has no prison records to reveal why he was incarcerated. He never speaks to any person, only to the crows. His barred window is left open year-round, and his cell is infested with crows. The guards have attempted to remove the winged pests, sending the Birdman into a fit of rage. Unable to control Birdman or his feathered companions, the guards have left him to his own devices.

WILBUR FLOWERS: Dubbed “The Dentist” by the media because of his profession, Flowers killed four people in his dental chair. Wilbur was always a kind and gentle soul to the point of being a patsy and pushover. The beauty of his wife greatly contrasted his own meager physical attributes, and she wielded control in their relationship. Flowers love for his wife bordered on obsessive. When he caught her cheating on him and she laughed in his face, he became enraged but couldn’t bring himself to harm her. His next four patients, however, became the target of his anger and were tortured to death without the use of anesthesia.


Master manipulator, Mercy Harker, has controlled Dread Hollow since its founding, even after her supposed death from the collapsing clock tower hundreds of years ago. Her dark magic and witchcraft made Mercy the focus of many cult followers and covens. 

 The coven led by powerful necromancer, Queen Olivia, grew to rival Mercy’s clan. In a jealous rage, Mercy conjured a boundless spell, trapping Olivia’s soul in a phylactery to forever rid Dread Hollow of the usurper. To protect the vessel that held Olivia’s essence, Mercy hid the box in a house known to be haunted. 

 In 2019, a group of amateur paranormal investigators unwittingly released Olivia’s spirit, which found its way back to her body buried in her family’s cemetery.

 Olivia has now returned to The Barrens, her family home, and is hell-bent on vengeance. Conjuring an army of zombies, Olivia, along with her new-found familiar, Lazarus, is preparing for the ultimate battle with Mercy Harker. Sensing Olivia’s release, Mercy has gathered Precious and her shadow-skulking Dreggs to bring war upon her rival. 

 Dark forces exact vengeance on anyone who dares to trespass on the battle grounds of the rival covens.


Notorious river pirate, Captain Horatio Cutler, was known for his bloodlust and cruelty. Few survived his massive hooked arm, and those that did were so traumatized they never spoke of the horrifying encounter. To conceal his identity, Captain Cutler wore a sack mask and preyed on the fears of Dread Hollow’s citizens. In an attempt to set right the evils of Dread Hollow, a vigilante group formed, known as The Harbingers. Little did they know, Captain Cutler was using them as a front to carry out his murderous mayhem and piracy. The clandestine vigilantes met on the docks of the town’s harbor, which was soon dubbed Harbinger Bay. 

Reveling in his brilliance and deception, Captain Cutler was caught off guard when his ruse was uncovered and The Harbingers pegged him as their next victim. Refusing to be hanged by the mob he created, Cutler called upon the Dark Entities of the cursed town to grant him immortality and dominion over creatures of the deep, empowering Cutler to strike down the weak for eternity. His call was answered, but it came at a price. 

The waterfront of Harbinger Bay was immediately encompassed by a thick fog bank. A barrier of deadfalls and thickets burst from the land surrounding the bay.

For hundreds of years, Harbinger Bay has been cut off from Dread Hollow. Only those who dare climb the deadfall barriers, crawl through the storm drains, and enter the thick shroud of fog can find their way to the bay. 


Captain Cutler rules Harbinger Bay and lords over all who cross his borders. The minions of the murk, both natural and otherwise, are at his command. As you will be…unless death finds you first. 

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