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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

Deliverance Escape Rooms

Extreme Escape Room Experience

Choose Your Experience: Add-on on one or both of the Escape Rooms to complete your Dread Hollow experience. 

Tickets can be purchased on-site. 

The Dark: $6 + tax

Eugene Todd: $10 + tax 

Escape Room 1: The Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? 

Two people enter the room - no lights, no cell phones. Three locks and three keys separate you from freedom. Feel your way as you search to escape the darkness. 

You have 5 minutes....Can you escape THE DARK? 

This session does not allow any lighting or glow sticks of any kind. We will end the experience and remove you from the game and Dread Hollow if you break this rule in any way.  

Escape Room 2: Eugene Todd

This scenario takes place as you awaken and find yourself (and up to 3 other people) kidnapped by the notorious serial killer, Eugene Todd. He has locked you in one of his killing rooms where he has offered to free you - if you can find your way out. Can you beat the clock before he returns and ends the game? 

You have 15 minutes...DO YOU WANT TO PLAY? 

Maximum 4 people per session

Dread Hollow Escape Rooms will leave you slimy, grimy, and dirty. Be sure to wear the appropriate attire when you come to experience these attractions. 

We do not allow any cell phones, lighting, or video recording of any kind while inside our escape rooms. Lockers are provided to store and keep your belongings safe while experiencing the Dread Hollow Escape Rooms.