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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

Dread Hollow 2019

Election Year at Dread Hollow - A Town Divided

Evil forces vie for power in Dread Hollow as the election for mayor draws near.  

The sinister puppet companion of Mayor Al has taken control of the town, leading Dread Hollow further down the path of darkness, marked by evil centuries ago.  Opposing Mayor Al’s reign, candidate Rikkets promises to bring new blood to Dread Hollow, enticing visitors to become One of Us

The Mayor and Little Al invite guests to visit Dread Hollow to witness all they have accomplished in their term of office - preserving historic Mercy Hospital, maintaining and protecting precious wildlife in Bloodwood Forest, and furthering the scientific advancement of Cerberus.

Choose a side and cast your vote at Dread Hollow to decide the fate of this town built on tainted soil. 

Gruesome discoveries lie within the walls of Mercy Hospital with cryptic secrets triggering eternal madness for those who foolishly trespass the desecrated halls of this historic site.


The dark heart of Bloodwood Forest beckons to sinister beasts and hides the horror within from which there is no escape.


The ominous secret to immortality can be found for an exacting price in the labyrinth of catacombs and storm drains far beneath the streets of Dread Hollow, where darkness from the realm of shadow infects the living as a supernatural parasite.

You can run, but there’s nowhere to hide from the sinister darkness covering 20,000+ square feet of pure horror with three haunts combined into one twisted nightmare. 

Mercy Hospital ​

The doors to Mercy Hospital closed after the bloodbath of 1981, when every patient, staff, nurse, and doctor died within its walls. It has since become a hot spot for paranormal activity. 

In 1981, Chief Resident Howard Harkness discovered a hidden room within the cellar of his home. Within those secretive walls were numerous treasures and a gruesome mystery covered in dust and cobwebs. He uncovered a crate full of bottles labeled Legacy Tonic. Extensive research revealed Legacy Tonic was sold by a traveling medicine man in the early 1800's. Wherever Legacy Tonic was sold, madness was left in its wake.   

Dr. Harkness took the crate to his Mercy Hospital lab to examine the components. After failing to identify most of the ingredients, he decided to test it on himself. It was not a hoax as he had thought. The doctor’s emotional and mental state was driven to maddening proportions, leaving behind the husk of a raving lunatic. In his psychotic condition, the doctor believed all should share in the glorious Euphoria and distributed the tonic to all hospital patients. Within 3 days, every patient and staff member were dead by succumbing to the Euphoria of Legacy Tonic.  The hospital walls were painted in blood. Dismembered bodies were scattered throughout the building. Messages had been scratched upon the walls and smeared with blood tracing back to the mysterious figure known as Elder Shaw from the 1800s.


Beasts of Bloodwood ​

On the outskirts of Dread Hollow lies a stretch of forest known as Bloodwood. Known for disappearances, animal mutilations, and found corpses, the dark heart of the woods beckons to sinister beasts and hides the horror from which there is no escape. Fleeting shadows and silhouettes pass through the trees, calling to those who dare to enter. The boundaries are marked by wards and scarecrows and watched over by Possum, the town freak. Possum collects the town’s roadkill and discarded animals and deposits them within a pit on the outskirts of Bloodwood.  

The property has been owned by the reclusive Hawkins clan since the founding of the town, and Possum is the only one who has contact with them. The fortunate few who return from investigating the area talk of a foreboding feeling of being watched. Some claim to see beasts. Those who have ventured near Bloodwood when the moon was at its fullest have never returned. 



Deep beneath the streets of Dread Hollow lies a labyrinth of catacombs and storm drains where CERBERUS and Damien Kross set up their most recent research facility. Director Kross believed he had found the secret to immortality. Using natural and supernatural forces to bring about his desired result of endless life, Kross went beyond mere science and incorporated the power of the dark arts, forming mindless automatons. 

In his quest for immortality, he considered these creations to be a success, naming them Paracorpses - but this experimentation would eventually lead to his undoing. His final Paracorpse was a twisted combination of cybernetics and forces from the realm of shadows. The creature was not only intelligent but also possessed a cunning beyond Kross's reckoning. Code named The Lazarus, the sentient being broke free from the Cerberus Security confine and freed the other Paracorpses. 

Crawling from the sewers, The Lazarus and his Paracorpses have invaded the south side of Dread Hollow. Cerberus has quarantined this area and is attempting to rectify their failure.  It has been discovered that the Paracorpses embody an ethereal force from the realms of shadow that seems to infect the living as a supernatural parasite.

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