In response to COVID-19, Scream Break has been cancelled for 2020.

Check back for details on the 2020 Fall Haunt & Escape Rooms.

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Ruby Falls Dread Hollow

Scream Break


April 3 and 4
8pm - 10pm

$15 per person

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Scream Break

Mercy Hospital, closed since the bloody events of 1981, has been inherited by the grandson of the previous owner, Dr. Howard Harkness.  The new owner decided the hospital would be a great venue for a paranormal enthusiasts rave.  While touring the facility to prepare for the party, he uncovered cases of the infamous Legacy Tonic. Succumbing to the maddening effects of the tonic, Harkness lured others to drink and experience the gruesome euphoria. The deadly tonic has reawakened the evil inside Mercy Hospital. Guests of the party enter unaware of the massacre that awaits inside.

The Legend of Dread Hollow